Product Update Service

We continually update Boulevard to accommodate product changes and additions made by the company. You can load the updates free by signing in to your account during the promotional period, or like the majority of our customers, subscribe to the Product Update Service and receive the changes automatically.

When subscribed to the Product Update Service, your program will check and prompt you to load available product updates (each of which contains a hundred or more changes) along with all of the added perks mentioned below!

Exclusive Benefits

  • Additional help with questions on the current product line.
  • Your Preferences will be updated to include the current seminar dates each year.
  • Assistance if you need help balancing the totals on an inventory product order to match the totals from your packing slip that came with the shipment.
  • If you ever miss loading a past product update you'll have the ability to load a special full product list update that will add any changes you missed from the past 3 years.
  • Product Collections & Looks are pre-built for you, and we include some custom collections based on current marketing (company website, Look book catalog, and other literature). View Sample

Newsletter Features

  • View a list of all the new products and changes contained in each update, and how to handle special company promotions inside your software.
  • In-depth instructions and tips on different Boulevard features and how to easily incorporate them into your business.
  • Suggestions on handling tips and gift sets from company literature. View Sample
  • Access past product update newsletters directly inside your software that not only makes you aware of the changes made to your product list but also contains additional information to help you as you use Boulevard.

Sign in to your account to see if you're already subscribed and ensure auto-renewal is set to Yes for the Product Update Service, or contact us if you'd like to subscribe. And, if you use Boulevard for an industry other than MK, let us know. We have a service that will build a base product list in Boulevard for your industry too!