Your Inventory in Boulevard Software

Boulevard contains powerful features that automate all the product-related tasks you do for your business so that you can spend your time selling products instead of managing your inventory. Once you have an accurate inventory, your product counts are tracked automatically in the Product List as they flow in and out with orders, invoices, returns, and replacements. Inventory is tracked on a first-in first-out (FIFO) basis.

Inventory Management

Need help getting your inventory into Boulevard? Let Main Street Software do it for you with our initial Inventory Setup service. Then keep your Product List current with quarterly product update downloads from our website or a subscription to our premium Product Update Service (includes many added benefits).

Inventory management features:

  • View all standard products available from Mary Kay in the Product List, grouped by category
  • Create product orders with a few clicks of the mouse by importing a product order from the Mary Kay website, automatically bringing your inventory up to your ideal levels for each product, filling by list, or loading a pre-saved order template
  • Use other methods for adding products, such as finding products by category or group and typing part numbers directly in the order
  • Keep track of each separate order you place and the products on order
  • Instantly view if a product is already on order
  • Print orders in the Consultant Order Form sequence
  • Easily modify your order when you receive it to reflect substitutions, backorders, and out-of-stock items
  • Track loaned, borrowed, and exchanged products
  • Process product replacements
  • Split product sets and redistribute the contents into individual products in your inventory